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EDG&R Cerberus Gig Sunday 28 Nov 1999 + flyer 12 Nov 99

Nightnews moves to new frontiers in New Media Promotions 12 Nov 99

Nightnews's Trans-Mission is CANCELLED + Updates 12 / 27 Nov & Dec 99

How Nightnews does it 12 Nov 99

New Mission Clubs, Trans-Mission
& Ignition 02 Aug 99

Mission Latest - 'Free Live Acts take Alternative
Edinburgh Society by storm!' + pix
27 July 1999

'The Mission Lives...' 12 May 1999

'The Mission Is Dead Long Live The Mission...'
2 April 1999

DUST Latest - DUST to host Anakin on 2nd Sept. 99 26 July 1999

12 May 1999

for Nightnews Club Organisation

Hellfire Club

EDG&R Goth, Industrial, Darkwave Event 28th Nov


Alternative music festival, Edinburgh, Scotland - all day on Sunday the 28th November, 1999. Holyrood Union, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh. 5.00. Acts:- Attrition, Sneaky Bat Machine, Chaos Engine, Narcissus Pool - guest DJ's.

The Edinburgh Goth and Rock Society, EdG&R, a group based at Edinburgh University, are proud to announce that they are holding a one day Alternative music festival on Sunday the 28th November, 1999.

This event, the largest of its kind ever to be held in Scotland, will feature the first-ever appearance north of the border by the pioneering electro-industrial band, ATTRITION. This band have been producing their own unique brand of dark electronic music since the early eighties, but until now have never played in Scotland, despite touring all over the globe.

Appearing with ATTRITION will be the infamous Techno-Goth Terrorists SNEAKY BAT MACHINE, bringing their own twisted brand of electronic pop to the capital for the first time, before they embark on their much-anticipated US tour, and the current darlings of the Metal Press, THE CHAOS ENGINE, who play driving Industrial metal, are making a welcome return to Scotland, although this will be the first time they have played to an Edinburgh crowd.

The first Scottish appearance by Darkwave rockers THE NARCISSUS POOL finishes off the line-up, although there may be a surprise act lurking. This fantastic package of bands, as well as special guest DJs from all across the country, will be taking over Holyrood Student Union, Holyrood road, Edinburgh, for the day, between 3pm - 1 am.

The events on Sunday the 28th aren't the only happening for fans of dark music that weekend - We've arranged late licences with local pubs (The Holyrood Tavern - 3am), and we are working closely with other promoters. Fans are expected to travel from as far as London and the south coast to take part in this unique event.

Murray Gibbons

More info. (interviews, press-passes etc.) contact Murray at:
Work Tel. 0131 652 8984
Home Tel. 0131 664 5658

EDGAR c/o Rory Hunter:

Released Oct 1999 by EDG&R

This should be fun...

Nightnews moves to new frontiers in New Media Promotions

A Solid Record of Communications achievement with Edinburgh's alternative club scene

Mission Club Turnover increased by 300% plus in 6 months 17 April 1999 - 31 October 1999 (Halloween.)

Nightnews was exclusively responsible for publicising The Mission, Scotland's largest and most innovative alternative night-club, from April 17th 1999 to Halloween Dec 31st 1999. During this period, club attendance following relocation and relaunch was built up from 350 / 400 clubbers at 4 / 3.00 to 700 plus at 5 / 4.00.

Turnover at the gate was increased from approximately 1050.00 to 3500.00 per club night and with two or three clubs per month this has meant an average monthly door total of 7000.00 to 10,500.00 per month from Mission clubbers alone.

Colin Davie, Neil Campbell and David Smith, the club joint owners, cut is 50% of this, which is an estimated 3500.00 - 5,250.00 every month.

The Studio 24 proprietors obtain the same average 50%, the Studios also experience exponential growth on the 'bar take' from Scotland's largest alternative drinking club!

Door takings for this club alone, so far indicate an annual estimated total projected forecast of 84,000.00 to 126,000.00 p.a.

Costs, that is publicity, DJ's and door staff's pay, did not rise and remain fixed. Alternative society in Edinburgh and the rest of the world IS big business.

In addition Nightnews's publicity has nurtured three other clubs with differing degrees of overall success.

DUST the regular Thursday night, small scale, alternative club had its attendance doubled and tripled at Studio 24. DUST which has never enjoyed a following greater than 30-40 at its previous premises at the old Rockin Horse in Victoria street has had its average attendance built up in excess of 70 plus and sometimes 120 plus alternative clubbers.

Ignition also known as the Mission Friday Rock Night was nurtured steadily throughout the Summer holidays with a typical attendance of 80 plus. It now has an attendance in excess of 120 - 150 clubbers. This is an achievement for a 4 weekly rock club. It should not be confused with a new club by a similar name at Fountainpark, Edinburgh. Nightnews was solely responsible for launching and marketing this Studio 24 club night.

Trans-Mission is now CANCELLED

Trans-Mission was another Nightnews invention. A BDSM, mixed (gay and lesbian friendly) fetish night. Trans-Mission became Scotland's largest fetish club overnight with over 120 fetish clubbers on its opening night. This stabilised to around 70 / 80 plus on subsequent nights, making it a playground for Scotland's sexiest and most beautiful people, sporting unusual fetish costumes, to swing the night away.

Unfortunately though an achievement in itself this is not sufficient for a Saturday night club to warrant further development and investment at Studio 24 and Trans-Mission is now CANCELLED. (It will probably be replaced by a Salsa night and Trans-Mission may look for a more up-market and safer, smaller home elsewhere.)

With these achievements, comes the the permanent economic viability of Studio 24 which has hitherto relied on clubs such as Apex, Pillbox, Subtle Logic, Venus, Frog and Alan Joys gay nights, Mingin and Filth - none of whose clubbers are known as big spenders on alcohol products. Studio 24 has been under offer as a 'going concern' and recently attracted an offer of 1.m

Updates on TM 27 Nov & Dec '99

In a new development, the proprietor of Studio 24 together with David Smith, Neil Campbell and Colin Davie, decided to try to keep the night running without the participation of the originating agency as previously agreed. This resulted in attendance plummeting and a drop in the quality of the product offering.

The scene in Edinburgh has in any event moved on to i.e., 'SIN' at Club Eden, as of late December 1999, with new music policies such as - 'London progressive house and dance party.'

(Please note, Nightnews accepts no responsibility for the safety or enjoyment of patrons at any attempted successor event held by or, at Studio 24 and or by other promoters therein as of 31st October 1999 - 'caveat emptor.'

How Nightnews does it

Nightnews relies on proven systematic marketing techniques at both local level and with national press groups both of which are tied in with the New Media opportunities of the world wide web. These include e-mail subscriber lists for networking and internet web sites.

Nightnews combines these to develop low cost and powerfully effective tailored solutions to integrated communications media planning and execution for clients. (For those interested, we estimate the internet aspect of this in the UK is only worth 10% of the effect for 40% of the effort.)

Nightnews can regularly provide a hard copy listing service to 120 targeted local and national media opportunities, including national press and nation-wide magazine listings services. We send 120 via nightnews-media
and back these up with 17 faxes to our main target media for Edinburgh alone.

Nightnews provides a powerful press information function targeting a further 73+ tailored media opportunities when necessary, consisting of daily, weekly and monthly, hard copy newspapers and magazines. In addition publishing groups, radio and TV stations, programs and reporters as well as specialist and lifestyle periodicals. (Week 1 of Press information operations for one client generated approx. 8k of prime newspaper space in the Edinburgh Evening News alone.)

The tailored Nightnews local media plan has a minimum cumulative circulation of, 4,058,798m

has further developed web based subscriber mailing lists, with a newsletter called Nightnews

Nightnews has developed an award winning web-site to act as an on-line media pack and point of further information, both to busy media professionals and to leisure and entertainment consumers. This web site is optimised for high quality local hits. (Previous visible counters on the front page have demonstrated its success with over 2000 hits in 6 months.)

The web site is being further developed as the NightNews Alternative Portal and as social archive of ephemera.

Nightnews can take responsibiliy for advertising design, digital imaging, leaflet and flyer production as well as targeted leaflet distribution. (EAE is allocated poster distribution.)

Print can be obtained at specially discounted rates for
Nightnews, sponsors can be found and additional sums raised for clubs from sponsorship sources, though never used to date.

Up to 1500 A6 flyers are recommended for distribution per club every month through 30-60 plus, carefully selected retail outlets and up to 100 - 300 A3 posters via EAE in locations of our choice.

Nightnews is always interested in hearing from other potential clients and sponsors to assist its highly cost effective promotion and development activities in new media for events and venues at the local level.

Contact Nightnews for further Information on how we can Nightnews media plans and implement them for you.

Released 12 Nov 1999 by Nightnews
Updated 22 01 2001

Trans-Mission Fetish Nights Report
02 Aug 99

Trans-Mission broke new ground in fetish nights in Scotland on Saturday 31 July with the launch of 'Trans-Mission.'

Building on the pioneering work of former Rocking Horse fetish clubs (Permission) as well as the newly reformed Glasgow Hellfire Club (for whom we have the greatest admiration and respect,) Nightnews and the Mission combined their organisational and musical strengths with the support of the real, alternative, Edinburgh fetish community.

With some networking help from the right people (select members of the Edinburgh body modification, TV, transgendered, gay MC, bisexual, lesbian and bdsm communities) plus a lot of elbow grease (ahem) the team has brought together an even more alternative Saturday night club!

This transformed Mission Saturday night becomes 'Trans-Mission.' A fetish night with a strict fetish dress code and a purpose built three room dungeon separated from the main hall dance area!

The Dungeon is permanently equipped with futuristic dentists restraint chair for even the most masochistic patrons! Also fitted are wall racks, manger bolts and fixtures in the ceiling beams for full suspension harnesses and we hope to develop the inventory further.

Equipment on the first night also included a St Andrews cross, some rather interesting Iron Masks and associated fetish paraphanalia.

We will waive the entry fee to anyone who brings a large piece of kit for club use if they inform us in advance. Bus organisers from out of town will also go on the guest list, max 2. We may also introduce a concessionary rate for members of other bona fide clubs with i.d.

In all events, contact us in advance, if you are interested in these offers..

Trusting to the guidelines we set up for players and the eagle eyes of our wonderful and experienced three guest Mistresses and one Master (who shall all remain anonymous,) we have to say that things were in 'full swing' by about 1.30am and everyone's endorphins etc., suitably stimulated by chucking out time!

We really want to thank absolutely everyone who networked for us and made the night such a huge success with a hundred plus of the right folk supporting us.

Also a really big thank you to the venue, Studio 24 for supporting us with materials and minor building work to get things started. Also to Skin Two and Scotsgay magazines for their encouragement and listings.

We really want to get something new started as a bona fide dungeon club where the clubbing fetish community can feel safe from exploitation and have their needs catered for.

We also want to do without some of the nastier elements responsible for the 'club politics' that have arisen in the Scots bdsm scene.

The music policy so far combines dj's from the Mission Rock floor 'BURN' (big Craig playing Glam-rock) and Earth-Inferno (Colin and Ian playing Goth and Industrial) with occasional guest spots from the rest of the Mission team.

The overall atmosphere combines music, lighting, costumes, some special stage effects and the added frisson of the dungeon to wet the appetites of the most jaded fetish clubbers outside of London..

The club will be back on 25th September after a break for the Edinburgh Festival after which we shall consider whether to go monthly.

Though generally satisfied, we will be tightening up on the dress code next time. So invest in some rubber, leather or pvc now if you want to visit us on 25th September ...

Released 02 Aug 99 by Nightnews

The new Trans-Mission logo..
(yup.. its tongue in cheek humour!...)

Ignition Friday Nights Report 02 Aug 1999

The Mission team added a monthly Friday Night club IGNITION to its fortnightly Saturday MISSION, on Friday June 4th, following up on the 31st July.

This night combines the team from FUZE on the upper floor with DJ Duncan Grays club OVERLOAD in the main hall.

The FUZE boys (Colin, Big Ian, Steve and Stephen) are playing aggressive and energetic electro, techno and industrial sets upstairs to an appreciative gothic and industrial clientele.

Meanwhile DJ Duncan and his assistants have OVERLOAD in full swing to a lively Indie, rock and dance alternative in the main hall. Duncan is a stage designer during the day and is also becoming responsible for some of the funkier stage effects at all of our clubs.

IGNITION had to take a break in early July because of a pre booked charity night at Studio 24 but came back 8 weeks after launching (..sorry!) to a slightly larger audience.

Everyone who supported the clubs on June 4th and July 30th had a better Friday night than at most venues in our airy, spacious and air conditioned environment. Drinks and music promos continue..

Word has still got to get around however that this is a kewl night out in a town with too many lame club offerings.

(The lamest being an attempt to trade on the MISSION name on Fridays by another venue not a few hundred yards along the road!..)

There is only one MISSION and it is at Studio 24, together with IGNITION, and TRANS-MISSION.

(The other venue has not followed up - but thanks to them for publicising our name anyway... we seem to have benefited from their awareness raising poster campaign and the controversy. No one went anyway, being fully aware it was a rather dim mistake to say the least!...)

Check the events page for the next IGNITION date - it really is a superior Friday night out in Edinburgh's lame Friday clubbing scene... (we would say that would'nt we - ahem..) IGNITION is every 4 weeks..

Do come along...

Released 02 Aug 1999 by Nightnews

Mission Latest - 'Free Live Acts take Alternative Edinburgh Society by storm!' + pix
27 July 1999

Announcement - No festival price increases!

5am licence throughout August!

Free Goth and Rock Bands in the Autumn!

Free Live Acts

Continuing an aggressive and innovative development policy that is leaving other Edinburgh night club proprietors and musical promoters in a state of stunned disbelief - the Mission introduced 'free live acts' by leading alternative performance artists on June 12th.

These acts are to be run on a periodic basis - 'Lucifire' on June 12th was followed on July 24th by 'Lisette the Illusionist.'

Both acts played to a packed main hall and the stunningly original visuals, special effects, schlock - horror performances and audience reaction has confirmed our belief that this is the best way to repay our patrons for their continued loyalty and support.

Developing an atmosphere of millenial, devil may care fun and games is a fitting approach to the impending end of the century. We think the party started several months ago and we are going to party on well into the next hundred years.

It is intended that this development policy will be continued in August during the Edinburgh International Festivals and the Fringe Festivals.

(See some more pix of Lucifire at the Alpha Gallery)

No festival price increases!

The Mission will recapture the original spirit behind the festival, when acts were priced reasonably and a good night out could be had on a budget.

The City has increasingly been taken over by outside theatrical companies, many of dubious quality, charging unrealistic prices and playing almost exclusively to tourists.

The success of our clubs is founded entirely on the support of our patrons and we are not going to repay them by trying to rip them off or exclude them every August. The standard ploy of other venues with their bogus and lame festival offerings.

The Mission will partner with select major alternative performance artistes that will be in the City. This should happen on both 7th August and the 21st - details will be available closer to the time.

In keeping with this ethos, all of the Mission Promotion Team nightclubs will be operating as usual throughout the festival at Studio 24. Their will be no increase in the entry price and drinks & music promotions will continue as usual throughout the festival period.

5am licence

In addition all of our Studio 24 clubs will enjoy a 5am late licence in August!

As for the festival, its welcome and it will be coming to the Mission in August. The Mission and associated clubs will probably be the best value as a non festival venue and the biggest and best nights out alternative society in the City can offer.

Free Goth and Rock Bands to follow soon!

Once the festival is behind us, the Mission will introduce a policy of periodic free bands on our two main floors starting in the Autumn.

Networking has been taking place in both the goth and rock music promotion businesses and has been well received. So be prepared for some very special band appearances starting in September.

In the meantime, we are still the only club in Edinburgh to operate on three floors and play three different musical genres with our specialist DJ's.

The Mission Control Floor has just been re-decorated as it doubles as a Dungeon. It will be further improved with new lighting, a DJ booth and improved flooring. In addition the music policy has been developed by dj's Aaron and Duncan providing patrons with a mix of 60's to the 90's and generous helpings of indie, dance, 80's, new romantic, goth, industrial, punk, and rock!

Mission membership cards are now available and will give you £1.00 off entry at the Mission and Trans-Mission. Show your cards at the Black Bull @ 43 Leith St (junction with Calton Road) to be eligible for drinks promos at our pre-club pub.

The Mission is far from dead and according to our foreign guests, rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the biggest and best, alternative nights out in the world...

- so be there and have fun!

(Released 27 July 1999) by Nightnews

Lucifire (above) on June 12th, her first set.. (Pix by GEMS)

Lisette the 'Alternative' Illusionist eeek!!.. (above) July 24th (Pix by GEMS)

The Mission Lives... or

How We Launched the New Mission

Opening and Successive Night Report

Having correctly surmised that the Scottish and Newcastle owned night-club 'The Rocking Horse' was to be sold at the end of March 1999, the '11th hour collective' was born.

The '11th hour collective' is an ensemble of enthusiastic promoters, staff members, DJ's, new media people and basically anyone who was not prepared to be left out in the cold by the sale of the old venue.

We make up about two thirds of the promotion and management team of the New Mission. The name seemed natural as we had literally 2 weeks to find a venue, organise and promote a club night for potentially 500 plus alternative clubbers! That's how we took matters into our own hands, to keep the scene alive and we moved the whole thing halfway across town to Studio 24 in Calton Road.

At 11pm on Saturday the 17th of April, three weeks after the closure of our old venue, we were all holding our breath. A quite incredible amount of work, money, and hope had gone into the new venture from teams of volunteers. These worked day and night, painting, decorating a new dance floor, designing artwork, handling media and flyering. The sound system was still being wired in and completed with only 10 minutes to go.

At 10:30pm, 30 minutes before doors opened, the suspense had eased a little as there was a queue outside. The queue began to grow and soon after we opened at 11pm, the door staff had to closely supervise entry, though this was largely because we forgot to organise a proper float! So apologies to those who didn't have the right change and had to wait a little longer to get in.

As the night wore on over 500 people graced us with their presence for our first night, proving quite categorically that the alternative scene in Edinburgh is alive and well! What's more, two thirds of our new patrons were not members of the old club indicating a strong demand for what we were doing.

The night itself ran perfectly and almost all of those who attended and spoke to us said they preferred the new club due to its superior light and sound system, good looks, general ambience and service.

The 'New Mission' has survived and will ensure those that prefer a more sophisticated alternative environment with specialised ambience and music have a club to go to as we move into new millennium.

The club featured three separate clubs in one representing as wide a spectrum of alternative music as we believe is possible.

Main hall - BURN

The floor seemed the focal point for the Mission and the DJ's led by Craig had the massive crowd sweating from start to finish. Those without the energy chilled out by the bar and some even played table football over a Newcastle Brown (only one pound fifty.)

"The scene from the DJ booth was quite something, three hundred arms piercing the mist from the smoke machine, it was like Glastonbury or something," said DJ Tony.

Upstairs Hall - EARTH - INFERNO

Our gothic - alternative floor is home for the more reserved and sophisticated clubbers. They seemed to slip into the new venue effortlessly. Some complimenting the superior light and sound, friendlier atmosphere and catching up on the gossip.

Many said the new club had a positive vibe and reminded them of the 'Slimelight' in London. Several enjoyed posing for the Evening News photographer who covered the first night. Overall the feedback was excellent and the outfits and make-up even more stunning than usual.


The almost anything goes policy certainly went, as eighties records clashed with 70's disco and 90's trip-hop with indie rock. The dance floor bounced and clubbers tired out on metal and Goth came up to chill out in the newly decorated surroundings.

Overall, the only problem inside the new venue and with this particular floor was that with all the effort spent on decorating, we forgot to sign post it adequately, still you live and learn and next time it got big signs!

The new venue is Studio 24, formerly the Calton Studios, on Calton Road, which has an excellent history of quality bands, gigs, and events featuring the alternative scene and its music.

We would like to thank the Venue itself, everyone who attended on the first and on successive nights and all those who help us paint, decorate, promote develop and run the club.

Lastly we would like to thank the media, especially the 'Evening News' who in showing such interest in our story (and giving us a double page centre spread on Friday April 30th,) helped us realise our success on successive dates.

(We know that we provide a night-club for Edinburgh's more sophisticated and demanding clubbers. The large brewery venues are killing the scene by using their trendy clubs as packaging to bolster draught beer and mixer sales, targeting circuit drinkers at the end of a night of alcoholic excess. We condemn their social irresponsibility in facilitating alcohol abuse amongst teenagers and young adults. We put customers enjoyment, well being, service and musical tastes first! - Nightnews)

We are showing that by direct action, a lot of hard, smart work and with the support of the alternative populous and the media, we can help keep Edinburgh's international and fun, cosmopolitan reputation alive.

After all, without the alternative there is only the norm. - Neil

Please note everyone, the entry fee will go up to £4/5.00 from 4th June in order to help finance further development. This is still one or two pounds less than any other major night club in Edinburgh for a Saturday night. - 11th hour collective and Colin Davies.

(Released 12 May 1999)

'Dancing in the Dark Ages' banner headline.. Friday April 30th 1999

'The Living Dead - Evening News centre page spread.. Friday April 30th 1999
Hard Copy Media Plan and Press Releases by Nightnews

Added value - approx £8k sterling in space alone

Grand opening Saturday 17th April

The Mission - New Music Club Venue in Edinburgh

'The Mission Is Dead Long Live The Mission...'

As a direct result of the months of uncertainty and lack of information over the sale of the Scottish and Newcastle owned night club The 'Rockin' Horse - Mission,' 2 India Buildings Victoria St., Edinburgh. The regular customers and DJ staff, unwilling to let the nine year legacy of their favourite alternative music club, to be swept aside because of property speculation, have taken matters into their own hands.

An 11th hour collective, an ensemble of alternative music enthusiasts, club promoters, DJ staff, club members, web, media and music professionals - in their daily lives, as well as some of the several hundred regular customers of the former venue, have formed a new music, promotion and management team.

Our aim is to keep alive the history and atmosphere of one the most famous alternative music clubs in Scotland if not the UK. We have relocated, booked and are organising the best alternative club in the city of Edinburgh if not the country. We hope to bring together and relaunch the best of all the elements of the previous venue as well as develop and take forwards our new promotion initiative with sensible and coherent music and management policies previously lacking.

Moving to Studio 24 (the former Calton Studios in Calton Road) the new 'Mission' club will feature three clubs on three separate floors. Our music policies will represent as wide a spectrum of alternative music as we believe possible.

We describe the three floors of clubs as follows:

Earth Inferno relocates to the upstairs hall. This is a dark intimate arena and will feature Gothic / Industrial / Cyberpunk. It will boast an impressive cast of specialist DJ's, - Colin, Debbie and lan. This trio bring over ten years of experience in some of the coolest Goth and Industrial, Electro, EBM, Techno clubs in the city. Boneyard, Earth Inferno and Fuze (formerly based at the now defunct Rockin' Horse - Mission.)

Think gothic, fishnets, corsets, cleavage, stockings, rubber, PVC., and fun fashions as well as stunning make-up, for a dressed-up evening with the beautiful people, who according to the NME are officially back.

Burn is designated for the large 'Main hall' area which will feature a Rock / Guitar / Metal club with two of the most famous former Rockin Horse DJ's, Tony and Craig, who between them can boast experience in Katch, Snake-pit, Stones, Timewarp, and Dust. They will also be joined by a fresh faced new female DJ (to be announced) for an up to the minute slant.

Think long hair, leathers, and big boots for a sweaty, sexy night out dancing.

Mission-Control moves into the 'Back hall' area and the floor will feature a policy of Indie / Dance / Surf / Ska. DJ's will be Dave, Aaron and Neil who together boast experience at Dust, Demon, Zululand, Swamp and International Bright Young Thing.

Yes, joining them will be singer Neil (front man of the celtic-rock band 'Gallus.') "Think Japanese girls in hair slides, mini dresses, and daft trainers giving it up with the floppy haired boys in huge jeans,' - says Neil, getting away from it all in a world of alternative, bag off and weird.

The new 'Mission Club' Grand opening is Saturday 17th April

The club's grand opening is Saturday the 17th of April and will continue fortnightly afterwards.

The first night will feature an all night drinks promotion seeing vodka and mixer at a astonishing one pound fifty. Future nights will feature the same promo's until 00:30. The admission is being kept at a budget beating three and four pounds. Three for members of the former 'Rockin' Horse-Mission,' yes, existing memberships will still be valid and new memberships will be available on the night!

The new venue is Studio 24, (formerly Calton Studios,) on Calton Road. The club has an excellent history of alternative music as it was the venue for both the Monday Club and the infamous goth club Banshee and also the venue for the last Nirvana gig in the city.

We hope by these actions that we can help keep Edinburgh's cosmopolitan, alternative music and clubbing reputation alive, - accept no substitute!

(Released 2 April 1999)


DUST to host Anakin 2nd September
26 July 1999

Attendance at DUST has continued to grow steadily since the move to Studio 24 and is now averaging around the 100 mark. This is really great for the DJ's who can begin to pay themselves. After all, they have put two years work into this 'early start to the weekend' regular alternative party night!

DUST continues into the Summer vacation despite the absence of some of our student regulars. The city is now starting to fill up with the annual influx of international festival goers. Many of these will appreciate our budget 2.00 entrance to the best alternative mid week club the City has to offer.

Some late breaking news from the DUST team - the club will be putting on 'Anakin' on 2nd September. This is definitely an alternative band to watch in the coming months. Their special brand of alternative sound will fit in easily with our industrial, punk, goth, metal & rock genres played at DUST.

There will be no extra door charge for Anakin and the band is playing to support the scene and promote themselves in the area. More details on Anakin will follow closer to the date from Manny their manager.

In the meantime DUST welcomes alternative party goers from the USA, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world.

- thanks for coming and please come again

12 May 1999

Dust moved to regular weekly Thursday nights from 1st April

Dave and his DJ's moved the alternative club 'DUST' to a regular usual late Thursday night slot at Studio 24.

Playing the expected Goth, Industrial, Metal, Punk and Rock to a loyal midweek student following - Dust is in its second great year.

Entry is a student friendly, two pounds again from 3rd June. Drink promotions and a happy hour continue.

DUSTS first night at Studio 24 was an immense success and the club played a crowded room with many new and interesting faces as well as DUST regulars.

Since then the club has been attracting a 50 / 60 plus weekly following and continues to grow steadily.

DJ Duncan is back at DUST from mid May as Paul Wilson has had to take a break from late nights for a while. Dave, Ian and Julia continue on the line - up.

- be there!


The Hellfire Club,
PO Box 666 666,
Glasgow G42 9YJ

What the Glasgow Hellfire club said....: 'Feedback we have received: "A fantastic night", "Great music, very friendly and very well organised with excellent bar-prices", "What a night to remember!"

PS the quotes are absolutely genuine!


(Details subject to change without notice)


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