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Clubber dies after dancefloor tragedy
Studio 24 Closing Down? Image Update!!
The club that's going nowhere - reprint
Nightclub and garage to be demolished - reprint
DISCHORD New Keroscene Friday Night Club Launch Friday 13 April!
Dysfunction Publicity and Charity Latest
Dysfunction Charity Night Update

Dysfunction Charity Night Friday February 09th 2001
The Scene in Jan 2001

Clubber dies after dancefloor tragedy

A MAN has died after collapsing while dancing at a city-centre night-club.

William Cumming, known to his friends and family as Ewan, was pronounced dead shortly after being rushed unconscious to Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary in the early hours of Sunday after taking ill at the Studio 24 club.

It is believed the 24-year-old shopworker, from Lothian Road, had been on a night out with friends and had visited several bars before arriving at the Cal-ton Road club.

According to sources at the club he was a regular. The source added that Mr Cumming seemed to be in good health before he collapsed and added that there had been no indi-cation he was ill.

Witnesses to the incident said he was dancing and having a good tirne with his friends just before he collapsed at 3am.

Staff at the club called an ambulance and medics rushed him to the hospital but he could not be saved.

A joint statement from his sister kirsty and club owner Eliz-abeth McArthur today expressed their shock.

"We would like to convey our utter devastation and shock at the loss of such a vibrant and unique young man. Ewans life revolved around rock music, his band and his close group of friends."

Gillian McArthur, whose parents own Studio 24, said the staff were all devastated by the tragic event and added: "One minute he was dancing and seemed fine, the next he had collapsed. We did everything we could for him. Paramedics were on the scene very quicidy and took him to hospital. But we found out about half an hour later that he had died."

The cause of death is not yet known and a postmortem will be carried out tomorrow.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders police said inquiries were continuing. He added, "Because this was a sudden death in a public place we are required to investigate and submit a report to the procurator fiscal and a postmortem is scheduled for tomorrow.

"We would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident."

'Clubber dies after dancefloor tragedy' by Jane Hamilton EN page 9 Monday 26 Nov 2001 Reprinted with permission. 'I've checked your request with John McLellan, Editor and he says it's fine and you can go ahead. Sorry for the delayed reply ...' 04 12 01

Studio 24 Closing Down? Image Update!!

Click for an image and preview of the proposed NEW BUILDING that will replace the Studio 24 garage / nightclub. We supply a .gif file using a background of the proposed redevelopment, courtesy of the Planning Department.

Released 09 Sept 2001 Nightnews

The club that's going nowhere

by Jason Cumming

THE owners of an Edinburgh nightclub earmarked for demolition today insisted they were going nowhere The McArthur family's stand has thrown plans for a £3 million luxury flats and office scheme in the Old Town into disarray Developer Raglan Properties had its plans for the development, which include demolishing the Studio 24 nightclub, approved by the city council yesterday.

But Gillian McArthur - whose family owns and runs the Calton Road club, which is famous for its fetish nights, insisted they had not struck a deal with Raglan and would refuse to sell. She said: "We don't intend to do anything with the building. We love the place. We feel Edinburgh is a nice place to have a club and we're going to stay."

While Raglan Properties was unanimously granted a demolition order covering the nightclub and an adjacent garage, the development cannot proceed until it owns the entire plot. Offices The London-based firm hopes to replace the Calton Studios building and a former Balmoral Hotel garage with 31 modern flats, five offices, a townhouse and parking spaces.

Studio 24 photo from the Nightnews crypt

The scheme also includes two courtyards, with a new close to the Canongate, linking with panmure Close and Dunbar's Close. Although Raglan initially hoped to have buyers moving in by next year, Studio 24 has already booked entertainment for Hogmanay through 2003.

It is understood that there has been no contact between the parties for about 18 months. Holyrood councillor Bill Cunningham said: "I have never had any complamts about the club but it would be good news for the area in general if the site was developed."

While a previous application for the demolition of the Calton Studios building to make way for 22 flats and an office was refused in 1998 because it would damage the areas character, officials now say the building is not of architectural merit.

The council's head of planning, Alan Henderson said: "The new buildings are considered to make a more positive contribution to townscape in this area than the existing buidling." The council last month delayed any decision on the matter after requesting information on the impact the project would have on daylight on nearby Buchanan Court.

The World Heritage Trust supports the plan because of the additional pedestrian routes. Bands Ms McArthur's father David, a former electrician, bought the former television studio and poppy factory, which dates to the 1860s, about six years ago. The 1000-capacity venue has welcomed bands including Nirvana and Stereo MCs during its two decades as a nightclub Studio 24 last month hosted Scotland's largest-ever fetish party.

It is also to host work- shops and events for anarchists, anti-Capitalists and left-wing groups later this month. Mr. McArthur was contacted by police in 1998 over a nightclub flyer which depicted Princess Diana's face, superimposed over the Virgin Mary and a pink Teletubby.

Ms McArthur said that she worries that rumours about the club's demise could affect takings. She said: "I imagine business will be a bit quieter this week until word gets around that we're still open. Its mad that somebody can go and apply to get your building demolished." No-one at Raglan Properties was available for comment.

Evening News, p19, Cumming, Jason, July 12 2001, 'The club that's going nowhere'

Nightclub and garage to be demolished - reprint

DEMOLITION of an Old Town garage and nightclub to make way for new offices and flats is finally expected to get the go ahead next week. Raglan Properties plans for 24-32 Calton Road have already been discussed by Edinburgh City Council because of amendments made to the scheme.

Then councillors postponed a decision to get more information about how the development would affect the amount of daylight in the flats at the nearby Buchanan Court. They also wanted to know if the former Calton Studios building which houses the nightclub, had any historical merit.

Now officials say they are happy on both points, and are recommending approval is given on Wednesday. In his latest report, head of planning Alan Henderson agreed Buchanan Court will lose some daylight, but said "this will not be to an unacceptable degree".

Evening News, p 10, Saturday July 07 2001, 'Nightclub and garage to be demolished'

Copyright permission for the above stories granted by the Editor John McLellan and notified to Nightnews by PA A. Templeton by e-mail on 23 July 2001 11:38 am bst Tel: 00 44 131 620 8703 Fax: 00 44 131 523 0271

DISCHORD New Keroscene Friday Night Club Launch Friday 13 April!

A long awaited Monthly end of week club from the makers of Kero-scene. No changes in the music policy, its still Heavy Metal, Nu:Metal, Rock, Extreme-Metal and some Goth.

However, promoter Leaf says he may change the midweek Kero-scene K2 club music policy to be more in line with his metal tastes. Wednesdays may go more in the direction of Heavy Metal, Nu:Metal, Rock, Black Metal, Thrash Metal and some Goth.

Nightnews is proud to support Kero-Scene into its second year and carry out the DISCHORD launch. This club has been a quality night from the outset and can only keep growing.

Friday May 11th will be a joint promotion with Conception Goth club: go to Conception [9-1am details on the Events page] and get FREE entry to DISCHORD [11-3am]

Released 29 Mar 2001 Nightnews

Dysfunction Publicity and Charity Latest

Publicity Latest

The club goes on but is no NO LONGER affiliated with Hogs Head Music ex flyer print sponsor. Said John Edwards on his web pages recently, 'Please note that we are no longer involved with the club 'Dysfunction' that is operating at Edinburgh Attic.' at Media - PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH THE website address in relation to this club. The correct url is NOW until further notice

John Edwards acted for a short time as sponsor for a limited number of flyers and posters for the club since Jan 2001 but relations have been strained for a while. Mr Edwards publicised competing events on the flyers that he printed for the club, some on the same nights! The offices that he runs under the name of the club obtains promos with various label promotion companies. Please be advised that the club has no further access to any promo material sent to those offices.

Labels and Promo Companies Please contact Nightnews or Jane Anderson Club Organiser for details of where to send new material, promos etc Mr Edwards resigned from Dysfunction Club by his own decision mid last year and handed over responsibility for the club to Jane and Euan, who carried the club through a loss making period.

This was due to a disadvantageous rental agreement with the Venue inherited from Mr Edwards. However, the Club re-located, was relaunched by Nightnews at the Attic in January and has not looked back since. It has had a steady increase in numbers, at a reasonable £2.00 entry and has regular entry and drinks promotions.

Dysfunction Live is entirely the work of Upstart Productions, a wholly independant promoter but using the Dysfunction name to put on local and new bands. We thank you for taking care to remove the url from any Club notices and replacing them with until the club sorts out a new website.

Dysfunction Club thanks the Attic for its support and will continue to get free and professional publicity advice from The music policy continues to be recent ALTERNATIVE, hardcore, skatecore, Metal and especially NU:Metal.

We congratulate Upstart Productions for the work they have done putting on Live acts at the Attic using the club name on alternate thursdays. Dysfunction club continues to run from 11pm every Thursday night to a packed Attic. Media should ONLY obtain information on Dysfunction club from the Nightnews service or directly from Jane Anderson. We appreciate your co-operation.

Released 29 Mar 2001 Nightnews

Dysfunction Charity Night

[Submitted to the Music and News Media recently]

Edinburgh's young metal music fan community raised a modest but nonetheless worthy £123.00 at the Live Music Dysfunction Charity night recently, for the Children in Need Charity. We would therefore ask your photographers to put tonight's photo opportunity into their diaries.

Please show up to take a suitable photograph for your readers. These are for the clubbers, their mums and dads, the bands, their families, and everyone who put some work into making the night a well attended success. The club is VERY colorful. Dysfunction Club is organised by its enthusiastic resident DJ's Jane Anderson and Ewan.

They are supported by guest DJ's and helpers, Lee, Ross, Jamie, their publicity advisor NIGHTNEWS and guest DJ's from clubs like Rock City, Kero-scene and Zealous. The clubbers are drawn from a range of live music and clubbing fans as the musical genres played and hosted live are nu:metal, hardcore, skatecore and the latest alternative rock.

This is the stuff that you can see on the popular MTV2 channel. Jane works at the MRC neutering lab mice, Ewan works in an Alldays. Some are University students and others have no work. But all can still find the time to put a big effort into fundraising for good causes.

The club would very much like the popular local press to give this achievement some coverage. Concern has been raised about the negative image that recent events at Wilkie House in the Cowgate, Edinburgh may have given metal music. [Edinburgh Evening News reports recently.]

[Dysfunction Club organisers would like to confirm their disgust at recent cheap, sensationalist stunts and press coverage at Wilkie House. The purported staging of the human sacrifice of a virgin was particularly cheap.

The offence caused to organised religion locally, by the publicised staging of a public crucifixion of priests (denomination unspecified) also at Wilkie House is also considered odious and unnecessarily repugnant to decent clubbers. It is perhaps because of the lack of standards by the persons behind these cheap stunts that the venue was raided recently by Lothian and Borders Police and lost its licence albeit temporarily.

This seems not to have gone reported at in the local press but is common knowledge. Perhaps it was "Divine Retribution!" - or maybe a local councillor?] Say the Dysfunction Team: "Young people who support and patronise the metal scene are affable, friendly and go clubbing to socialise, have a drink and dance with their girlfriends.

They may be more colourful than other clubbers because of their piercing and tattoos, but this is just a fashion statement." "We accept that the imagery used by some bands and clubs is dark. However this is more in the spirit of gothic romanticism, and of the tongue in cheek variety.

As club organisers we see no mileage in causing gratuitous offence to the public by being outrageously provocative." Dysfunction club has worked hard over 2 years to provide a civilised musical ambience in its specialised genres.

Dysfunction live music nights are usually run at the Attic in the Cowgate in association with Upstart Productions. The Attic and Legends staff have worked hard to provide a safe and acceptable venue for young people to attend gigs.

Under 18's are admitted legally provided that they leave by 2300hrs and are not permitted to buy alcohol. The ambience is good enough for kewl mums to leave their pierced and tattooed daughters with confidence that they can be found and dutifully picked up again at the end of events. While the youngsters leave, the over 18's stay on for the club part of the night.

Dysfunction nu:metal Club and the darker metal club Keroscene have both raised funds for charity in 2000/2001. This has not been given the credit that it deserves and we are looking to the local press to write some good news about us.

[More information on both clubs may be found at Announcement of the funds raised was delayed since the Feb 09 event, due to an unanticipated bill arising from the extra PA required, but this has been resolved successfully.] END

Released 29 Mar 2001 Nightnews

Dysfunction Charity Night Update


Friday 09th Feb - Edinburgh, In aid of Children in Need, 3.50 or 3.00 Holyrood Union - EUSA prices. 9pm - 3am Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Live Music: Maya29, Taste My Silence, Swellbellys
Contact Jane or nightnews

Edinburgh's young metal community will show that they have more than a piercing in every orifice, tattoos and an 'attitude' when they will raise funds for the 'Children in Need' charity on Friday the ninth of February, at the Holyrood Union, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh.

Stale old media stereotypes about metal music and metal fans may persist but it doesn't prevent them from having hearts of a precious metal called 'GOLD.' If moms and dads are anxious about their son or daughters black studded metal dog collar, that pierced belly-button, exotic tattoo or Cradle of Filth T-shirt. Or maybe, late nights, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and that new and seemingly inappropriate boy or girlfriend, they should chill because the Scots metal scene is mainly about good, CLEAN and high volume fun!

The night is being organised by the DYSFUNCTION nu: metal club in conjunction with the Edinburgh Goth and Rock Society. EdG&R is an alternative music Society based at Edinburgh University.

Dysfunction Club organiser and DJ Jane [above] is a Health service worker and will be the main point of contact for media questions.

Entertainment will be provided by 3 fresh, powerful, musically proficient Edinburgh bands some of which are not yet signed, MAYA29, TASTE MY SILENCE and the SWELLBELLYS all showing that big record labels are increasingly missing the point.

Added fun will be provided by a 'dressing-up' theme of BONDAGE AND SLEAZE. We know that it may be loud and look nasty, but we also know that its all going to be GREAT FUN!.


Released 05 Feb 2001 Nightnews

Dysfunction Charity Night Friday Feb 09th 2001

Dysfunction follows up its successful relaunch on 04th and 18th of January with a Charity Night for 'Children in Need' on Friday February 09th at the Holyrood Union, Holyrood Road Edinburgh.

The night features bands Maya 29, Swellbellys and Taste My Silence.

With 3 live acts, the club had at least 5 bands offer to play free from the local metal scene. Organiser Jane has taken charge of 'silly games' and 'cheap stunts' to raise more cash once clubbers have been taken prisoner inside the Holyrood union.  (Sponsored chest waxing for guys and a sponsored male metal stripper have been mooted!)

Dysfunction Club had a monster success at its recent relaunch in its new home at the Attic, on the 04th Jan. The Attic is part of Legends and belongs to the Albatross leisure group chain also known as edin-out.

At least 80 metal clubbers and general members of the alternative scene in Edinburgh turned out to support the night at what is usually a difficult time of year for pubs and clubs. The club is a perfect opportunity for members of the metalscene and a few goths as well, to mingle midweek and get in the mood for the weekend.

Dysfunction is hugely grateful to the manager and assistant manager at Legends for agreeing the clubs business proposition and to Upstart promotions who suggested that we consider the Attic for the club. The rent agreement has enabled the club to reduce entry to two pounds and one pound fifty and selected drinks are also one pound fifty until 3am. How great is that?

We are also grateful to the Holyrood Union and the EU EdG&R society who also made the club a great relocation offer. If it was not for that proposed first deal the Attic would probably not gone one better for us.

With the club displaying teamwork and flair under its new organiser Jane, club DJ's Lee, Ewan and Ross with Jamie handling the books; other helpers include Nightnews and the Edinburgh metal scene.  Nightnews has been active in keeping this club going since October 2000 and produced artwork for at least five flyers for the club. With added sponsorship cash from Upstart Productions and Hogshead Music, the club was able to pay for a run of full colour glossy flyers last year. 

Nightnews also advised the club on its proposed dealings with Legends, gave the club careful advice on flyering and posters and continues to circulate media listings.

Further artwork and street level publicity will be carried out by Hogshead Music and its well known DJ and proprietor John Edward's, who has a long though largely unacknowledged role in the Edinburgh Alternative scene.

John is keen to develop the club as a sponsorship opportunity and fronts relations with record and promotional companies. These relations often lead to play nights and the distribution of large quantities of CD freebies, T's, posters and other give aways to the clubbers, making nights more fun.

Dysfunction had more than a few problems with its previous host, The Venue in Calton Road. The new club organisers were struggling to pay the nightly one hundred pounds rent from the door take in late 2000.

The Venue then followed up by being erratic with drinks promotions and raising its regular drinks prices to two pounds seventy pence per unit. This action at a time when every other chain in Edinburgh was offering quality drinks promotions until midnight or one am reduced attendance hugely.

Everyone is hugely relieved to have relocated and we all look forwards to some kewl and fun nights in 2001.

Released 13 Jan 2001 Nightnews / Updated 31 Jan 2001

The Scene in Jan 2001 - Metal, Goth and Fetish

The Scene in Jan 2001 - Metal, Goth and Fetish

"The times they are a-changing'" - said somebody and that just about reflects the situation in the alternative, goth and fetish scenes at the moment.


Kero-scene aka K2 was the clear winner on the darker side of the Edinburgh club metal scene in 2000 and remains the preeminent midweek choice for clubbers.

Dysfunction Live was a clear winner for its innovative alternate free Thursday Band nights at the Attic, hosting some great local and circuit metal scene acts. Nightnews wishes them well in 2001. Deke and Michael of Upstarts have worked really hard to bring free live music back to a pub and club setting and deserve to have these nights well supported.

Dysfunction was kept alive by its flyer sponsors and almost died late last year but has been given a new lease of life in 2001 - the club plays the stuff K2 doesn't and if you watch alternative MTV you will feel at home with the music policy.

Certain larger scale events continue but have sustained heavy criticism in the past year for ambiance and music policy. Clubs that can't hack it or play the music that they publicise themselves by are destined to fail - yet they sail onwards, DOOMED, its not 'if' but 'when' with these guys, a bit like the Titanic. If Rock floors fail to keep abreast of the latest metal and alternative, then support dwindles. One ancient Edinburgh club has recently had to change from weekly to monthly for that very reason.

The scene is constantly getting a new intake of alternative, gothy and vampy 18 year olds - ahem - and as the older dudes and dudettes drop out these are the people that become the customer base. If the same aging, tired old Goth and rock DJs fail to keep up with the latest flavours - attendance's and support will drop off.

You cannot trade on the alternative scene being a community forever - nor can you make disparaging remarks about young metal and gothy newcomers. These people are your customers - you have to look after them and make sure they have fun.

In addition certain club promoters running events that are past their sell by date have also resorted to dirty-tricks against other clubs, promoters and Nightnews.

This is not the way to go, harassment is a criminal offense in Scotland whether by e-mail, mail, telephone, the postal service or by threats of violence; malicious complaints to various authorities that come to nothing are also considered harassment - no matter who passes them on.

Wise heads should steer clear of these types of activity and the promoters concerned and their friends, should concentrate on improving their product instead of trying to undermine other clubs.

Remember, a criminal record may interfere with your life somewhat.


Last years Goth Scene in Edinburgh was based largely around VAIN, Conception and Ascension.

VAIN had a stunning couple of first nights but seems to have lost a lot of momentum as well as numbers. Vain is also getting a lot of criticism for its Techno influenced music slots.

Ascension started quietly but went on to report the largest attendance with over 200 gothic clubbers at its last night in 2000. The club has been around for seven years and has the largest and most comprehensive bank of genre music available.

Conception by the EU Edinburgh Goth and Rock Society continue to run well attended and quality nights but could do a lot more to publicise them at street level. The club supports a healthy list based discussion group that will give most clubbing issues a 'seeing to' - as certain promoters have discovered to their embarrassment.

The 'new Mission' Goth floor has been reported to have 'lost it' completely and the powernoise and techno influenced stuff that gets played there is not to everyone's taste to say the least. Concern has been voiced most recently about the volume of the music.

The fact that Edinburgh hosts a large 'auslander' Goth community from the EC countries that is not being directly catered for has highlighted the difference in gothy musical tastes and tendencies between UK gothies and the auslanders. Nightnews is with the auslanders hehe, the UK scene must not get parochial. We have Goths from France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and the USA - they are a lot of fun as well.

The local Goth scene continues to develop and a new set of Edinburgh Goth promoters emerged late last year and launched 'the Shed' - we look forwards to their future events. 'Cyber-Lab' by Debbie ex Succubus, was reportedly shut early by an unsympathetic management at Noa in Queensferry Street.

There is certainly room for more Gothy events in Edinburgh and as Ascension has proved, there are hundreds of goths out there who we don't even know that will support a genuine Goth night.

The above comments are mostly about the Edinburgh scene and there are more events taking place in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee. Bedlam, Elizium, Sin and K1 all have links and information on this site and are all well worth a lengthy trip for a visit.

Nightnews is proud to support Kero-scene, Ascension, Conception and Dysfunction Events in Edinburgh.


Eve's SIN started year 2000 with a few good nights that though well supported in Edinburgh failed to take off in Glasgow. These promoters are now reportedly in Australia developing other projects.

LASHED in Aberdeen seem to be a breath of fresh air in the Scene and are too far away from Glasgow and Edinburgh to suffer harassment from the 'usual suspects' running their 'rule or ruin' policy.

'...Music policy seems to be 50/50 lightweight fluffcore dance, with the other DJ hitting some darker, harder, faster stuff (which seems to go down damn well). ... the clientele seems to be the majority LGB and a healthy chunk of Elizium regulars. Much gothies go and seem from reports to be of the few groups that actually do get fetished up...' say our information collectors in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen 'mores' are not as advanced as London and so fetish in public is understood to be a bit restrained there. Some goths and vampies are into fetish and some are not, we recommend BEDLAM in Glasgow and ASCENSION in Edinburgh as safe and tolerant environments for anyone who likes to dress up to the nines in Gothic, Vampy or Fetish dress.

Other clubs and promoters purported to be pro fetish and to run fetish events in late 2000 please do not be taken in, they were purely exploitative and rip-offs, definitely 'Caveat emptor.' [The same people seem to be about to try it on with purported 'metal nights' - so watch out clubbers.]

It should be borne in mind that the fetish market in Scotland is quite small, the whole population is only 5m, four fifths of which may be in Strathclyde region - but clubbing is still confined to city centers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen and carried out on Saturday nights.

The alternative scene has always been larger than the fetish scene in Edinburgh and the natural focus of interest for fetish tolerance as it encompasses gothies, vampies, pierced, bme, tattoos etc.

In both Edinburgh and Glasgow there are big LGB communities and they run their own stuff which is largely dance oriented. The LGB community that frequent all clubs have no problem with the alternative scene, but their are still elements of the gay scene that won't go to a club with women there (regardless if they are gay, bi, hetero or not) - and as for their fetish dress codes, as was patiently explained to me once, they say, if someone's fetish is for shorts, white socks and gym shoes, who are they to turn that person away...

There will always be more people willing to try to run clubs but with the local fetish community being so small, we have to attract all alternative and LGB clubbers. The usual business model pioneered by us under these circumstances becomes an alternative or dance club that finances a strict fetish Dungeon WITHIN its walls - attendance and admission to the dungeon is optional and subject to strict dress code. Some readers may be aware of the original Transmission, Eve's SIN did the same with a dance club.

As for Glasgow's Slave, the loss of their venue hit the Vampire and rock scene quite hard in Glasgow. They were very hyped as overtly sexual and fetish friendly but ended up by admitting all comers due to a lack of effective marketing and the consequent need to make ends meet - they are closed now sadly.

The main problem is a suitable venue to develop and persue the fetish club scene - however most people that try end up being harassed and the same happens to the venue. Its all nonsense but quite unpleasant if it happens to you.

Under the circumstances prodommes feel the scene should be developed further strictly underground in Scotland, by private parties and munches etc.

Released 13 Jan 2001 Nightnews

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