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City Cafe, Blair St

More Photos Below
Full Moon in Blair Street
City Cafe at night
Cider and Black
City Cafe Bar
City Staff Break
Damien the City Eel
Fishy Business
pool 1 | pool 2

19 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR
Info Tel: 0131 220 0125

Free Wi-fi Network
Edinburgh's longstanding, crumbling, art-deco, diner style cafe, restaurant & bar is in the process of creeping refurbishment.. Serving breakfast, lunch & main meals, (tasty burgers, wraps, chili, veggie options, chips etc) 11am-10pm, happy hour 5-8pm,with selected drinks £1.80, bottles of wine on offer as well. Coffee and Newspapers available. Open til 1am, DJ's from 9pm. Two Snooker tables. Kewl, fierce Eel called Damien in one of the fish tanks. Strictly best in the daytime for meals. Rated in the Independent recently as one of the best places for brunch in the UK. Too many neds after 9pm on Fri/Sat, so go in at your own risk then. Music dj's after 9pm can sometimes be brain numbingly mainstream. Generally sensible security staff shared with CAB across the street.
Club or function basement area with full dj pa and projection screen available.
Edinburgh Pub Guide review

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Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

pix 1 | pix 2 | pix3

Brass Monkey
14 Drummond Street, EDINBURGH, EH8 9TU.
0131 556 1961

An ancient spit and sawdust pub that recently made the transition to catering to a more cosmopolitan and modern clientele. Open fireplace surrounded by comfy sofas for the winter months. Some handy back rooms with indoor cinema. Its now firmly a student haunt where alternative scene types will not feel out of place. Said to have been a watering hole of the great and the good, i.e. Gordon Brown, Donald Dewar, Lord McClusky, in its previous incarnation, 'Stewart's bar. Door policy firmly based around 'three wise monkeys.'

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Peartree House

The Peartree

pix 1 | pix 2 | pix3

Peartree House
38 W Nicholson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DD
tel. 0131 667 7533

Free Wi-fi Network
Small cosy pub in a building dating from the 18th century. Open coal fireplace during the winter months. Massive beer garden which is great in the summer months when you can sit outdoors. Best value and tastiest coffee with a good selection of daily newspapers. Has held an outdoor lunchtime barbecue in more recent summers. No under 18's.

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More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3

19/20 Teviot Place, Edinburgh EH1 2QZ
T. 0131 220 6880

Mon-Sun 8am-2.30am
Ideal location to take your date when you meet up, chill out after an evening out or satiate the late night munchies. Webmaster likes the tapas and the premium beers are very reasonably priced for Edinburgh. Not so keen on the coffee though. Retro chic, safe for ladies alone or in groups and suitable if you are a posher goth and not put off by the posh ferrets in pashminas that hang out there in term time. No neds and they are actively discouraged by the late night, weekend door policy. Plenty more reviews if you google it.

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New Forest

Forest Cafe

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4 | pix 5

New Forest Cafe
3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 1EY
0131. 220 4538

Free Wi-fi Network
Arty, post-grunge alternative coffee shop with a mean organic brew, popular with eco friendlies, Spanish community, beltane types and more.. Ok for babygoths, but beware of pickpockets and bag-thieves, generally no neds.
Partner with EUS

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More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3

Traverse Theatre Bar
10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh EH1 2ED
+44 (0)131 228 1404

Massive basement theatre bar, good service, smart, reasonable prices, large portions of excellent bar food. Great as a pre-Citrus Club bar, for informal gatherings, safe for ladies out alone or in groups, no neds, with a babygoth friendly day area and recommended in the press.
bar_cafe page

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Teviot Union

Teviot House Student Union
Bristo Sq, Edinburgh EH8 9AL
Tel 0131 650 4462

Edinburgh University Student Union bar and venue. This is the largest of the Edinburgh University student union buildings and is also the oldest purpose built such building in the world. With 5 bars over 7 floors and a refractory, dining area and snack bars. It hosts many university society functions, some of the Edinburgh International Fringe and other musical events. Excellent drinks promotions. This venue has a club licence and is geared to students and members. Non-members need to be signed in. Everyone needs i.d to be admitted. Alternative types may expect some occasional harassment from drunken 'normal' students and users. Location is dangerous at night and there have been reports of assaults, mugging, a stabbing, as well as the rape of a customer in Bristo Square after a clubbing night out in the Potterrow Union building.There was another sexual assault recently on a second female customer within Potterrow Union building on a club night! Vagrants loiter in the area outside during the day, drinking and sniffing glue in public. If you are the victim of a crime in a union building or in the area, report it to the Police at once; insist that EUSA and the Teviot management report it to the Police also!
Bat Warning
Teviot U web page
seems replaced by

Teviot Union

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4 | pix 5 | pix 6

In the News
Tue 28 Oct 2003
23 Oct 2003
Mon 29 Mar 2004
Sat 11 Sep 2004
Wed 17 Aug 2005
November 18, 2005
12 May 2007
13 August 2007

Student Safety
Crime Reduction

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Citrus Club

Citrus Club
Tel / fax: +44 131 622 7086

The Citrus Club has updated its club offerings for 2007 so see their website. Open till 3am, with many cult & 'in' special events plus some gigs, generally modest cover charges, drinks promos on some nights, generally few or no neds. The club is known for alternative, indie and 80/90's nights.
Forthcoming gigs also at their site

Citrus Club

See early Planet Earth flyer
See the full size Planet Earth flyer
Original Genetic flyer
More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3

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The Bongo Club
37 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8BA
00 44 (0) 131 558 7604

Free Internet Cafe :: Free Wi-fi Network
Operates as an internet cafe, exhibition and rehearsal space during the day. At night its a very well equipped, 2 level, multi functional, multi media venue for live music, theatre and clubs. Also an established fringe show and cabaret venue at festival time. Has hosted goth, metal and alternative nights in the past. Reasonable value bar prices, strict door policy and not the sort of place neds would frequent or get into easily.

Bongo Club

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4

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Wee Red Bar

The Wee Red Bar
Edinburgh College of Art
74 Lauriston Place EH3 8DF
Union Tel: 0131 229 1442

Art college student bar and venue with a reputation as a focus for musical and club talent. Famous for hosting 'The Egg' a longstanding city indie-rock night. An intimate 'insiders' club space with an eclectic musical history, the webmaster especially liked its long gone 'Detroit techno' night. A safe haven for arty young ladies, whether goth, punky or in pashminas, cashmere sweaters and pearls. Good value bar prices. Strict ned exclusion policy. More information from the Students Union and their web resources
Guardian article
email: src@eca.ac.uk

Wee Red Bar

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4

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Studio 24 :: Retribution [ex-Mission] :: Catty Edinburgh

Studio 24
24-26 Calton Road Edinburgh EH8 8DP
Open 7 days a week, gigs till 11pm with a late licence as advertised. A post apocalyptic ambience, with a clever industrial-wasteland, derelict factory interior design style; till the club below, the venue was generally known for rave hall type events in the late 90's and early 00's. Some legendary bands played there in the late 80's and early 90's when under different ownership. It's said to be the last resting place of the London Soho Marquee club stage. Now developing live music in the early part of the evening whenever possible like many other venues.

Noteworthy CPL Events at S24.
CPL Cathouse :: CPL Gigs

In Nov 2006 the CPL Cathouse began
gigs and promotions at S24

Retribution [ex-Mission]
In 2006 Studio 24 management founded RETRIBUTION to replace the Mission night which was failing to keep up with the times. Studio 24 would like to inherit the alternative community which supported such nights as its own customers. There are some LJ & EMS links relating to this below
Studio 24 have booted out the mission
The Mission is NOT on! - 1
The Mission is NOT on! - 2
Studio 24 has kicked it out.
Mission relaunched at Studio 24 as Retribution

Sanctuary [ex-Mission Junior]
After Retribution took over the Mission night, Mission Junior, the notorious under 18's night, closed for a short period and was later re-opened as Sanctuary. However this night was then closed again for several months after Police interest and intervention. The night has now re-opened in 2007, see links
Mon 30 Oct 2006
Tue 1 May 2007

The old club and its name 'The Mission' came from the Scottish and Newcastle owned night-club 'The Rocking Horse' that once had a floor that was called 'The Mission Floor' by its alternative and rock, clubbing community. When it was closed and sold in March 1999, a guy in a band, a promoter and a staff dj, with other talented supporters including the webmaster (though just for six months), launched a wholly new club called 'The Mission' aka 'New Mission' at Studio 24, in mid April that year. It started with three floors like the Rocking Horse but was cut back to two after the fire brigade closed one of them. Old MISSION web resources below are becoming fewer and closing down...
Mission Forum
Minimish Forum

EMS and the metal community
The EMS board was established to obtain the favour of the former Mission promoters. It has moved around over the years and so has buried most of the evidence relating to the gossip, negative activities and evil politics that surrounded the old Mission and now closed Mission Junior at S24. Some of the schoolie metal community, former Mission promoters, certain DJ's, minions and pack rats have used this unmoderated board, in its various incarnations, more than any of the others and still do ..
EMS Archive
This web community ceased to be maintained in Dec 2007 and another forum has been set up
LJ 19 12 2007

ex-Mission offshoot clubs
There have been a few and they are all closed at S24 now. Other offshoots are in The Hive

Old Reviews
Reviews from the Net to 2002

New Reviews Here
Read Knowhere Guide Reviews
Write Knowhere Guide Review

Studio 24

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4 | pix 5
New Mission Flyer
1999 Photo of the Calton Studios
2001 Planning Proposal
New Mission Sculpture nicked
after the third night at S24!

In the News

Sat July 07 2001
Tue July 12 2001
Mon 26 Nov 2001
Wed 29 Jun 2005
Mon 11 Jul 2005
Tue 17 Jan 2006
Sat 14 Jan 2006
Fri 12 May 2006
Mon 30 Oct 2006
Wed 25 Apr 2007
Tue 1 May 2007

Area Redevelopment
Mon 3 Oct 2005
Canongate Community Forum
Press Links

In Wikipedia
Talk:The Mission


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CAMRA Scotland Pub of the Year 2005: Halfway House, Edinburgh

Halfway House

More Photos Below
Access from Cockburn St
Access From Market Street
To Fleshmarket Close

Halfway House
24 Fleshmarket House, off 199 High St.
Edinburgh EH1 1BX
0131 225 7101

Real ales: Usually 4 cask ales
11.00am to 11.30pm
Fri, Sat: 11.00am to 1.00am
Sun: 12.30pm to 11.30pm
Traditional 'old man's pub' ambience.
Named in the 'Good Beer Guide 2006' as one of the top16 pubs in Britain and Regional CAMRA Pub of the Year 2005, yum!
CAMRA Good Beer Guide Media Site


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Henry's Cellar Bar

Henry's Cellar Bar

pix 1 | pix 2 | pix3

Henry's Cellar Bar
8 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5BJ
Bar: +44 (0) 131 467 5200

Up and coming, new, live music and late night club venue. 'One of the hottest venues in the city at the moment,' according to Student magazine week 3 26 09 2006.
Prop. David Lawson, (Arp Concerts Ltd)
0131 228 9393

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212 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1NQ
+44 (0) 131 556 3254

A longstanding Edinburgh student haunt going back decades, popular because of its cavern style ambience, armchairs, candlelight and tasty brews. With three seated areas - if you include the passageway - MTV, and an additional cavern with stage and sound desk, used for pool during the day and live music at night. Good sound system, overkill with the lighting rig, air conditioning - if they remember to put it on - home to some great gigs and other events in recent years.

Bannermans Bar

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4 | pix 5

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Opium Rock Pub
OPIUM, 71 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 IJW
Longstanding alternative and rock music scene pub, former Attic and Legends. Some people say it has been the 'Cheers' of the rock scene over the years. Open till 3am, strict door policy. Its business as usual in 2008 for this longstanding venue and rock bar.

Opium Rock Club's New URL


More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix3 | pix 4 | pix 5

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The Hive [Former Honeycomb + Subway Relocation]

The Hive
15-17 Niddry Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LG
Tel: 0131 556 2442

Stay tuned for the latest news on the re-launch of this 650 capacity live music and clubbing venue, previously known as The Honeycomb and The Vaults

Ye old Honeycomb Website
Take a look at the old layout while this site is still up

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3 | pix 4 | pix 5

In the News
09 July 2007

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37 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JG
Open again and till 3am
Refurbished and re-launched after the 2007 Fringe
Now established as a
'Multimedia arts venue extraordinaire!.'

Left Bank This Way...


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More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3

The Advocate
7 Hunter Sq Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1QW
0131 226 2749
Hunter Square has suffered from public order problems recently but the city and local police have taken steps to redress this. It is otherwise known for its public toilets, festival market, and as a meeting place at weekends for the spooky-kids that can also be seen hanging out in Cockburn Street nearbye. The Advocate is newly refurbished in 2006, serving meals, children including baby-goths are welcome and it has had some rock clientele at the weekends.

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Black Bull

Black Bull or Dionysius?

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3 | pix 4

Black Bull Tavern
43 Leith St Edinburgh EH1 3AT
0131 557 5121

Long standing hang-out for the rock scene in Edinburgh, probably due to the proximity of the now closed music venue The Venue, where customers came to the Black Bull to enjoy the cheaper bar prices, while they waited for i.e., 'their mates band' to go on stage. Still a busy pre-club pub for the rock and alternative scene at the weekends. This pub has a loyal following that have consistently rated it highly over the years. Look for the sign of Dionysus.
beerintheevening.com reviews

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Blind Beggar


More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3 | pix 4

The Blind Beggar
97-99 Broughton Road, EH7 4EG
Tel 0131 557 3130

Insider's biker & alternative friendly public house.

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Auld Hoose

Auld Hoose Pub
23 - 25 St. Leonards Street,
Tel: Liz Dand 0131 668 2934

Alternative friendly and popular with pixies, fairies, elves, wiccans, witches, pagans, punks, metallers and other southsider folk who mingle with the erm, other regulars.
Further details at their web resources.

Auld Hoose

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3 | pix 4

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Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde Pub
112 Hanover St, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ
tel 0131 225 2022

Gothic theme bar especially known for its novelty toilets, as indeed are many Eerie Pubs. This one has some occasional goth and alternative clientele, generally for gatherings in the function room which can be used for clubs and gigs. No u-18's or babygoths.
Undiscovered Scotland Review
Plenty more reviews if you google it.

Jekyll Theme Pub

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3

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Pub Noticeboard :: a few more music pubs and bars to try ...

The Southern
A former rock bar that shed its gadgie old image to embrace a new post post-punk, new wave, electro and indie clientele. Newly refurbished with many free DJ and band nights... open till 1am

The Cabaret Voltaire
Leading live music venue, clubs after 11pm and open till 3am.

The Caves
A series of vaults beneath South Bridge in an ongoing state of recovery and refurbishment as a multi-purpose entertainments venue like the Arches in Glasgow. Has featured one or two alternative events and is a fringe venue.
In the News
Wed 27 Jun 2007
The Scotsman 14 Dec 2007

Mercat Bar
28, West Maitland St, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH12 5DX 0131 225 386
This is a longstanding venue for live music, especially punk and rock, though now shifting towards softer rock and acoustic...
edinburghpubguide info here

Black Rose Tavern
49 Rose Street Edinburgh, Lothian, EH2 2NH

The Voodoo Rooms
9-19 West Register Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AA
0131 556 7060

Stunning venue with lots going on throughout the year!..

99 Hanover Street Bar
Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ. 0131 225 8200
Opulent, comfy music scene bar as used by Amanda Palmer for a free Fringe night in 2007..


Whistlebinkies Live Music Bar
Live entertainment every night of the week till 3am and more claim to be a rock bar than some of the above. Cover charge on some nights .. open till 3am..

73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 IJW
Associated with the CAB VOL and an indie alternative to the remaining alternative rock venue adjacent (Opium)... open till 3am

The Liquid Rooms
Has been booked for several goth bands over the years by different goth promoters...

Nicol Edwards Pub
29-35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh. EH1 1LG.
Tel:+44 131 556 8642

...drips with ectoplasm, known to be a late night, haunted hang-out for witches, ghosts, fairies and at least one goth!..

The Ark
3-7 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3BG
The Ark is a new 200+ capacity live music venue open where the Trafalgar Suite used to be, above the Waterloo Buffet.

Tron Tavern Basement

9 Hunter Square Edinburgh EH1 1QW,
0131 226 0931

..a few alt nights have been held in the basement over the years...

The Canon's Gait
232 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DQ
0131 556 4481

..this pub is also known for occasional alt and other music nights..

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Edinburgh Alt. Kids [under-18's]

Alt kids at Myspace...


Edinburgh Alt. Kids At Myspace
'...We Hang On Cockburn And Hunter Square And Stuffs...'

Can also be found on these boards

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With a following that is becoming ever larger, it is almost a community in itself these days and always in need of new members and volunteers

To Volunteer to take part in events

Ceremonies for each of the Quarter Day Festivals

Imbolc :: Feb
Beltane :: 30th April
Lugnasadh :: Aug
Samhuinn :: Eve of the 31st Oct

General Enquiries

The Filthy One recommends it...

BFF 2006
pix 1 | pix 2 | pix 3 | Equinox Flyer
Unofficial BFS Photo Pool



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Camarilla :: Edinburgh


Camarilla :: Edinburgh
Includes very active requiem (vampire) group
Longstanding society, details at their websites.
IC or OOC group for players of characters in the Camarilla's Edinburgh Vampire: the Requiem
Click here :: Edin_Vampire

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Vampire Meetup Group :: Edinburgh


The Edinburgh Vampire Coven
NEW IN 2008

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The Dawn Duellists Society

Dawn Duellists


The Dawn Duellists
The Dawn Duellists Society was formed in Edinburgh in 1994 to revive the ancient traditions of swordplay and other European Martial Arts, as well as the institution of Duelling. Highly popular with many people in the goth and metal scene, especially those that like to run with scissors. Founded in 1994. Society also has pub meets.

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Macdonald Academy of Arms

Macdonald Academy


The Macdonald Academy of Arms
Established in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is solely dedicated to teaching most forms of Western swordsmanship and European martial arts. It is run by Maestro Paul Macdonald, founder of the Dawn Duellists Society. Running with scissors can be fun - yay!
Macdonaldacademy site

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Perfidious Albion

Albion Group


Perfidious Albion
Edinburgh Universities Medieval Re-enactment Society.
Membership is open to students and staff of all higher education establishments in Edinburgh. Also popular with goth and alternative folk who like mixed and public dressing up games, from Edinburgh Uni and beyond...This is another society which proudly features running with scissors.
Perfidious site

Related Link :: Lothene

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Indiesoc :: EU Indie Society


Teviot U and various other venues
Have run some excellent Indie-pop clubs and gigs over the past few years which have drawn the biggest audiences of any of the EU societies on this page
First choice among EU music societies

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Sesoc :: EU Sci Fi Society


Sponsors of retro alternative clubs and events
Gigantor + Compulsion. More about science fiction and not especially gothy.


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EDG&R :: Edinburgh Uni alternative music society

Rat skull with fewer braincells  in this logo...

pix c1905 | pix 06 | pix 13 | pix 12


They say they were set up to fill a gap after the demise of Edinburgh Uni's Chamber Street student union in 1995 which had held alternative nights since the 80's! Fair to say that they have never achieved this. They try and satisfy a wide range of musical tastes, so they are not particularly gothy.

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Glam :: Heriot Watt Uni alternative music society

Glam Logo...


Heriot-Watt Uni Rock, Goth and Metal Society. It was a friendly, new Society that promised much when it was founded. It suffers mainly from being outside town on the HW campus. It is still very much what its members make of it. Not especially gothy either.

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Gothic-Fetish :: Community & News

Click here to join Scot-SMFetish, the goth fetish community.
Click to join our Goth-Fetish
Community, over 18 goths only please

No pix

Fetish News

The goth scene has always had an ambivalent but broadly positive interest and attendance to clubs like these featuring a gothic music policy...
Safety, sanity and where kinky does not mean crazy - for consenting adult goths.
Fetish news download

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Gym :: Centre for Sport and Exercise at the University of Edinburgh



In the News
Eve News 7 Aug 2007

Centre for Sport and Exercise
46 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

CSE are, ..'delighted to let you know that the Sunday Times, in its recent authoritative University Guide, ranked our sports facilities as five star, one of only two in Scotland - only sixteen universities in the whole UK were rated five star!' Open to the general public, Webmaster recommends it!

Mangle, Dangle, Slot, Slash,
Cut, Stab, Strangle

You can learn all of these gentlemanly and ladylike arts under properly supervised conditions here...

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Clubbing and Pubbing Safety

Wasted again!!!?

More Photos Below
wasted 2 | wasted 3 | wasted 4

The Edinburgh Cowgate..
The Edinburgh Cowgate
Night Club, Pub and Public
Urination Zone

Drug Services Directory
Access contact information and details for over 200 agencies in Scotland who can help with drug treatment and care.

Alcohol and Drugs
Everyone is doing it, try and do it without shortening your lives...

Controlled and Illegal Drugs Advice
Should be essential reading for most mainstream clubbers in Edinburgh. 24/7 free, anonymous advice
0800 587 5879

Women and Alcohol
It makes you fat and it kills you but not before messing up other parts of your body... it destroys guys as well. There are 7 calories in a gram of alcohol, 9 in a gram of fat but protein and carbohydrates contain less than 4 calories per gram. A drink may contain up to 200 calories... read more and then binge, erm - or not...

Drink Aware Trust
'For most adults, it's fine to enjoy a drink...'
...but,, 'Alcohol problems cost Scotland an estimated £1.1 billion per year...'
Drinkline 0800 917 8282

Drink Spiking :: The Roofie Foundation
24 hour help line
0800 783 2980

Established 1997 - Britain's only specialised agency dealing with the issues surrounding drug rape and sexual abuse.

Roofie Scotland

'The Roofie Foundation are delighted to announce that they have combined forces with Crisis to provide a dedicated Scottish service to victims of drug related rape and sexual abuse...'
Crisis 0141 8128474

Victim Support Helpline
'...provides emotional support, practical help and essential information to victims, witnesses and others affected by crime...'
0845 603 9213

Violence at Work!
'...Do you face the public? Suffering threatening behaviour isn’t part of the job..' 

GUM and C Cards
Diagnosis and treatment of STI's :: Free Condoms, dams, lube, etc etc
Go here for GUM
C Cards are here

Crew 2000 Advice and Counselling
Get your advice from the kids that have been on the front line. A not-for-profit company, which provides services to young people around: stimulant drug use, sexual and emotional health and other related lifestyle issues. It also provides advice, information and training to a wide range of public and voluntary sector organisations as well as carrying out research into drug trends.

Edinburgh City Youth Cafe
If you are an under, babygoth, gothling or other very young person, you can also go here on Friday and Saturday afternoons for most help, advice, C card supplies, getting out of the rain etc etc
or talk to someone on the phone..

Reporting Serious Criminal Activity
Crimestoppers is an independent UK-wide charity working to stop crime, you may call Crimestoppers anonymously

'Take Control' Remote
Reporting Scheme

Agencies you can trust are listed here
Local Law Enforcement Agency

Smoking is Bad!
If you have read this far you may want to light up, but wait, smoking is banned in public places in Scotland
And anyhow, who wants to kiss you anyway if your mouth tastes like an ashtray and your clothes smell of fag ash!? You may as well give up now!

Running With Scissors
Running with scissors is never a good idea. Especially with those recently in the care of Registered Mental Health Practitioners or on medication...
Sick Kids Friends Foundation
Make a donation

Ye Old Nightnews Health Warning is still here


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On the job, mwahaha...

Trouble in the Cowgate..

More Photos Below
pix 2 | pix 3 | pix 4 | pix 5 | pix 6

The Edinburgh Licensing
Standards Initiative (pilot)

Promoting responsible drinking, '...the initiative is set up to tackle alcohol related problems, anti-social behaviour and alcohol related disorder within and around licensed premises.

Should you require further information or advice on this initiative, or wish to discuss a relevant matter or on-going issue, the Enforcement and Licensing Section within Environmental Health will assist you....,' they say.

Contact details
Licensing Standards,
Chesser House
500 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 3YJ
0131 469 5395

email: licensing.standards@edinburgh.gov.uk

Anti Social Behaviour Division
23-25 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3BH
0131 529 2284 fx: 0131 529 2280
Night Noise Team
0131 311 3131
Anti-social behaviour Help Line
0131 529 7250
Street Cleansing
0131 529 3030
Rapid Response Cleansing
0808 100 3366
Environmental Wardens
0131 469 5840

Police 0131 311 3131
Fire Rescue Service 0131 228 2401
Emergencies 999


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Visit Dark Scotland :: Dark Tourist Information

Availability of links to some of these headline articles may vary...

One in 50 Scots is in the grip of heroin addiction
Daily Mail Fri 30 May 2008
Young people living in fear, charity warns
The Scotsman 17 Apr 2008
Fury at police suggestion of drugs tolerance zone for capital city centre
The Scotsman 27 Nov 2007
Invasion of the street drunks
Eve News 27 July 2007
Sex disease alarm as infection rates soar
The Scotsman Wed 18 Jul 2007
Scotland second on murder rate poll
Berwick Advertiser PA Ltd 16 July 2007
Young suicide rates rise in deprived Glasgow areas
24Dash 13/07/2007
Alcohol blamed for rise in violence
Scotsman Wed 11 Jul 2007
Cases of drink-related liver disease double
Scotsman Tue 19 Jun 2007
Teen boozing fuels jump in brain damage
Scotsman Thu 8 Feb 2007
Murder in Scotland as high as in Israel
The Sunday Times November 5, 2006
Alcohol & binge drinking Scottish children
Scotsman Thu 22 Jun 2006
Scottish teenage self-harm linked to violent behaviour
Scotsman Sat 27 May 2006
Tsar admits: we've lost the war on drugs
Scotsman Sun 18 Jun 2006
Central Edinburgh shown to be the crime capital of Scotland
The Sunday Times June 4, 2006
Knife crime in Scotland becoming ‘public health problem'
MRC Paper 02 May 06 :: Sunday Times April 23, 06
Edinburgh Goth Scene Attracts Numerous Mentally ill Teens
MRC Paper at BMJ 13 04 06 :: BBC 13 04 06 :: Nightnews Comment
Scotland has the highest proportion of neds in the developed world
Scotland on Sunday 22 04 06
SCOTTISH teenage girls are the heaviest drinking in the world
and 'SCOTLAND'S underage drinking blight is among the worst in Europe,' says
World Health Organisation (WHO) :: Sunday Times 29, 01 06
Scotland :: A nation still divided by poverty and inequality
Scotsman 04 01 06

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