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Clubs that have mostly closed or have passed away. Some are known
closed, some are no longer suitable for inclusion, some have lost their venues
or are known to have NO plans for further nights. Some have had their listing
rewritten and I have placed the old one here for reference.
Nightnews supported many of these with publicity and other help.

Dysfunction LIVE Edinburgh

Bands by Upstarts
at the Attic were discontinued on April 05 2001

Alternate Thursdays from 9pm ~ Dysfunction Live @ The Attic, Cowgate
access through Legends, 71 Cowgate, Edinburgh

This is a free early evening regular gig with up to 2 live bands
After the Bands is Dysfunction from 11pm @ the Attic till 3am

For Full Band Billings

Dysfunction Live Info
Contact Michael or Deke
Tel: 0131 226 6565
Fax: 0131 226 6868

Slave Events Glasgow

Glasgow ~ Slave Events
Venue Closed 2000
Slave 288 Clyde Street, Glasgow
tel: Mary 0141 400 8280

SCUD Metal Club by Edg&R Edinburgh

"An almost entirely metal night, admission is free for members
and 2-3 quid for non members also free entry with a lightsaber we're
big star wars fans " Brian Hutchison

Discontinued though the only night broke even!

RITUAL Edinburgh

Artwork by Ritual Club

"Extreme Music Club"
Club URL

Cybersyn & 'SKIN CHAMBER' Edinburgh

Artwork Ascension and CyberSyn

CyberSyn Industries (Promotions)

Contact DJ Synne, Edinburgh, Scotland UK
Past Promotions
Sunshine Blind (co-production,) The Tortured (now Nervosa),
Manuskript, Libitina and Dream Disciples

Ex-Syndustry (Club) & guest DJ at
The Hellfire Club - Glasgow
Elizium Goth club - Aberdeen
Abattoir - Dundee
Spahn Ranch/Star 80 - London
Dust/Demon @ The Rocking Horse - Edinburgh
DJ at Infest 2000 - Bradford, UK.

Corruption Edinburgh

Contact Directly for Details

Imaging based on Corruption Artwork

DJ's: Nik, Laura, Ally
Music Policy: dark atmospherics and goth

Info Contact Saphyre

Dungeon Equipment Available
Strict Dress Code
Rubber Latex, Leather etc

" association with no-one."...
says Saphyre

Guerilla Dundee

Dundee ~ Guerilla
Cancelled Guerilla was on Fridays @ the Balcony bar on Ward Rd.

SignalToNoise Glasgow

Phone 07974 026 517 - ask for Steve.
S|N fanzine:
Successor New Rock Night was also cancelled

Vampire Inferno Glasgow

Last Thursday of each month In conjunction with
the Scottish Vampire Magazine "Bite me"
Entry 3/4
"Mainly 80s with plenty of current dark music"
more info

The New Mission at Studio 24 :: early 1999 onwards ...

Nightnews supported the Mission in its first 6 months at Studio 24 with advice & assistance (listings, flyer and poster design, distribution, mailing lists, website atc) until Halloween Oct 31 1999. Nightnews publicity built attendance to this club up from 200-300 to 700 plus alternative and goth clubbers over its first six months. We hit 600/700 when the students came back from the Summer. At this point the promoters felt they no longer needed the work and Nightnews felt that they were too difficult to work with, so we went our separate ways. Nightnews was promoting Transmission at this time and we agreed that this would continue. Unfortunately the Mission promoters went back on this arrangement so Transmission by the Nightnews webmaster had to be cancelled. Attempts to revive the club with other promoters failed..

Read about how the New Mission at Studio 24 was launched here

Gothic Opinions of Studio 24...
These have never been wholly supportive, but things are always changing...

"... second floor playing a selection of Goth [2%], Electro [4%], Industrial [40% ]and such [+ crap dance music 54%]..."
Aug 2001

".. Mission is only really good when it comes to industrial, with a wide range of bands covered and many different tracks played. But it's got to the point where there's too much industrial at the expense of other styles..."
Thu, 23 Aug 2001

"...I noticed the nasty smokiness too. I stayed downstairs most of the night, partly for that reason. And I noticed that exactly the same songs were played as the last time I was there - at the New Year's do...... Downstairs was a pervading odor of raw sewage, probably aggravated by the heat. Yuck. No thanks to all of that though...." Mon, 20 Aug 2001

"..IMHO I find it far from atmospheric and coupled with the extreme heat and condensation dripping on you from the ceiling it does make for a pretty uncomfortable night. Less dry ice and some air conditioning in the Summer would make it a nicer place to be..."
Mon, 20 Aug 2001

"..Studio 24 is a dive, and I would hope that its closure would lead to progress of some kind. I realise it would be hard to get a suitable venue to replace it, but I would hope the situation wouldn't be completely hopeless, and something positive would come out of it. Anyway, just getting sick of Studio 24, shame it was Holyrood that got closed instead...."
23 Aug 2001

"...last time I was there was during a heatwave and there hadn't been any rain for days (which means it couldn't even have been a build up of rain) yet the ickyness was still dripping on you from above, it's disgusting. It makes you wonder if it's landing in your drinks as well as on you ! eww ! *shudder* It's definitely worse these days on the goth floor though.."
Thu, 23 Aug 2001

"..After the Mission a fortnight ago, along with similar ones, I`ve been sorely tempted not to go back too. Especially as so many people I know rarely go. It`s just not the same anymore :(.."
Tue, 21 Aug 2001

"..I went to the mission a couple of months ago, and wasn't very impressed. I had been told it was metal downstairs and goth upstairs, which suited us fine. We sat upstairs for most of the time, the music was OK, but I dont think the two guys I was there with were very impressed. Mutterings about "not like back in the day", and other comments in the same vein. I ventured downstairs, to be bombarded with nu-metal crap. What pissed me off the most was I saw a guy in a Slayer top, so I went up and asked him what he thought the chances were of the DJ playing some slayer, to which he replied "Who?" Apparantly someone had lent him the T shirt for the night, as he normally goes to Eros. Need I say any more? Meant to be going to Vain in June, is that any good? "
...more reviews were on the earlier version of the Elizium site

You should have let it die Neill.. be careful out there..
Neill Campbell had this model made by friends out of foam
as a joke and it was stolen on the launch night!!

Studio 24 Clubs of 1999 ~ Flyers by Nightnews et al

The Mission

First Dust at S24
First Mission poster at S24

First Mission flyer at S24 by Mercy

Historical Details ~ contact info

Who Were The Original Mission Promoters?
Some handy photos are on this site...
Colin Davie
David Smith
Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell ceased involvement as a joint promoter in Sept 2000

Associates of the above included...
Aaron Giuntini
ex Mission DJ & Associate

Contact Information for Studio 24.
Dave & Liz McArthur Proprietors

Some old photos of more of the original Mission DJ's may be found on
the DJ pix page under 'Various dj's'

Historical details ~ The old Rockin Horse Building in Victoria Street

Q? .. And whatever happened to the old 'Rockin Horse?'
the former home to and aka - 'The Mission!'
Ans! It's now called 'Espionage.'
Though its nice to see the old place refurbished
its just not the same -.. however, five floors of 'dance' fun
with free and late entry
See early flyer

The old Rockin' Horse on Victoria Street, was formerly Edinburgh's
only alternative music venue, until it shut
on Sunday 28 March 1999 - RIP

But the smell of the Old Mission is still there when its busy ...

Ye Olde Nightnews Edinburgh Clubbing Health Warning

It has very little sense of community or morality, no ideology and no belief system. It is rife with internal enmities, petty politics, rivalries, competion, hatreds; even harassment, bullying and victimisation. It has its fair share of status seeking, social climbing, avarice and greed amongst certain parties, especially some club promoters. You will also find egos the size of Wembley stadium amongst some DJ's. Most venue owners and pub chains will do literally anything to get your cash. It includes thieves, dealers, con artists, half-wits, tools, fools and criminals..

There is social division on the basis of social class, ethnicity, tribalism & place of residence. It attracts more than its fair share of immature, impressionable, vulnerable or un-stable personalities. You will find many young people as well as those who prey on them, or try to exploit them...

So be REALLY careful out there..
but have fun!

The Nightnews Mission Statement in 1999

Get Free Support From NIGHTNEWS!

One purpose for Nightnews media operations is to freely develop the smaller
gothic music and sub culture clubs with professional marketing plus new
media support in order to counter-act the effects of larger clubs like the
Mission and others that take money from the alternative music scene
without putting very much if anything back. ...

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