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Labels & Promotions


Dark Beat Records
Unit 8a, Mostyn Hall, Friargate, Penrith,
Cumbria CA11 7XR UK
44 [0] 1768 483724
(n.b. Last publicised URL above.)

Nightbreed Recordings
2F, 177 Wollaton St Notts.
44 [0] 115 955 1908

Resurrection Records
73 Parkway, Camden town,
London NW1 7PP UK
44 [0] 20 7 813 2917

Thee Vampire Guild
40 Ponsford Rd., Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2UR UK

Grave News Mail Order
Grave News Ltd, 63 Jerningham Road
Telegraph Hill, New Cross, London SE14 5NH
Tel 020 7284 0359 ~ Fax 020 7267 5186

Nemesis Promotions
PO Box 206, Twickenham,

ACA Artists L.A. CA (USA)
c/o Duffy
ACA Music Booking 6464 Sunset Blvd. #1130
Los Angeles, CA 90028
USA Phone 323-469-1983 fax 323-469-5790 cell 323-253-6026

Flag Promotions
PO Box 181, Wembley. HA0 4BE - INFO LINE & FAX 020 8450 4506

Darker Metal Labels

Century Media
Morbid Records
Relapse Records

Metal Blade Records
Osmose Productions USA
Earache Records

Goth & Genre Fan Zines

Thee Vampire Guild
40 Ponsford Rd., Knowle,
Bristol, BS4 2UR UK
(Quarterly - vampire fashion, folklore,
culture and music - £12.00 UK
- £16.00 Non-UK)

Seventh Seal
c/o Lynda Stevens 1165 Budapest, Tancsics utca 24, Hungary
(Central European Goth Zine - It includes a story, artwork,
interviews with Attrition, Nazca and Freda Warrington,
article by Brian Stableford, and lots and lots
of reviews. - £2.00 plus IRC)

Tomb Raver
F1, 112 St George's Terrace,
Newcastle upon Tyne
(Formerly Bats and Red Velvet -
goth - £2.00 + .39p A4 SAE)


c/o Eleanora Romano, Darklife,
PO Box 29071,
London, WC1H 9UW
(Music & lifestyle £2.00,
DM 4, FF 16, CHF 4
SAE Details)

c/o Natasha Scharf, Meltdown, PO Box 543
Beaconsfield, HP9 1WL
(Lifestyle magazine for the UK gothic &
alternative scene. SAE details)

Bite Me Magazine new url
Local contact
The Editor,
Bite Me Magazine,
Studio 155, 355 Byres Road,
Glasgow G12 8QZ, Scotland
Vampire zine
£3.50 available online from

Vagabond Hearts
c/o K Hulson, 20 Leopold St, Barnsley
South Yorkshire, S70 6AN England UK
(Glam, Sleaze, Goth, Punk, Rock
& Roll - £2.00 + .52p SAE)

Gothic Times
c/o H Wainwright 18 Alder Ave.,
Silcoates Park, Wakefield UK
(Official WGW Zine - £2.00)

Occums Razor
c/o Derek Lucas
Dundee, Scotland UK
(Scots Goth Zine)

Naked Truth
39 Hamilton Drive, Hillhead,
Glasgow, G12 8DW
Scotland UK
(Scots Goth Zine)

Scottish Vampyre Society
c/o Kay

Black Planet Fanzine
12 Arthur Kennedy Close
Boughton-under Blean
Faversham, Kent
ME13 9BQ, UK
(A guide to the darker side of life £1.50)

Gothic Beauty Magazine
gothicbeauty club
Assistant Executive Director
ICQ# 32622215
Gothic Beauty Magazine
544 East Ogden Suite
700-336 Milwaukee
WI 53202 USA

ATTN: Jim O'Rear - Editor
P.O. Box 1113
Mt. Juliet, TN 37121-1113

OHIO 44144 USA

Web Resources


cybase23 includes a definitive UK industrial club guide
Nightnews Newsletter Scotland Goths write UK
Poison Quill reviews goth sounds, formerly at BRV
by Lynda Stevens 'Seventh Seal' Editor, Budapest

http://www.NocturnalMovements.Net New ideas for alternative music Goth label New York Music zine which covers goth
http://www.Starvox.NET/ W coast USA goth music zine Goth radio Show NY USA Goth publisher USA Gothy Net_Station

Order Gothy Music etc USA USA Europe Europe USA Europe USA Europe Europe Europe

Gothic Lifestyle

Scotland, Britain: Goth Clubs & Events

ELIZIUM Aberdeen Goth club
Kerosene1 Alternative Club, Dundee
Sin Goth Club, Dundee
Planet Earth
for 70s/80'sGoths @ the Citrus Club, Edinburgh
Bela Lugosis Shed New Edinburgh Promoters

Bedlam Glasgow main Goth Club
Snakebite & Black
longstanding English, Newcastle goth club
Requiem.i12 another close English, Newcastle goth club
Vain Edinburgh
InFest Festival HQ August 2000 Bradford UK
Whitby Web Site
for the bi-annual English gothic celebrations
Wendyhouse Leeds, major night in N. of England! Decadence goth Club, Teesside N England
Bristol Fest UK Goth Portal Site UK Goth Portal Site more UK clubs

Torture Garden London performance art group Brighton goths

Local Goths: Lists
Edgar-discuss lists
President EDG&R
Scot goths mailing list at
another gothy mailing list at
Tarts notorious gothy list

Scot-SMFetish Scots-international fetish-goth run eGroup
KeroSiN for Dundee alternative society Aberdeen gothic portal and list

Local Goths: Websites
EDG&R The Edinburgh Goth & Rock Society
Ghost_Danser's web pages
Information for Lothian Netgoths
Church of Mary registered as an official church in Glasgow The World of Petit Scarabee Edinburgh wyrd stuff store

Euro Goths: Various
Sanctuary Swiss Goths
DEATH IS ALIVE Fest Castle Geretzhoven,Cologne, Germany
Gothic World hosts the above page, Germany
Wave Gothic Meeting Whitsuntide 2000 Leipzig, Germany
Zillo Zillo-Festival 2000 Köln, Germany

Berlin Goths in Berlin
Vienna Goths in Vienna Goths in France

Overseas: Goths
Toronto Goths in Canada Australian Goths Sydney Goth Club
Misery's Kaos Columbia, Missouri Goths USA

underworld Texas Goths USA DETROIT goth mailing list
Gothic Order of South Africa
International Gothic Network the name says it
International Goth Classifieds get a goth date or pen pal

Canada Goths in Canada

Other Gothy S. Britain Club
Yahoo! Groups : cyb3rcats
clothes info
Deeperwithintheruby Yahoo! Goth Club
Teen_Goth Yahoo! Goth Groups Meet Goths New Jersey Arts Zine USA
Gothique It's a goth club, a place to have fun... techno gothic

Gothy Artists Newsletter The Sisters of Mercy Fanzine

Vampire Interest

Shameless Plugs - Bands by Request

The lost highway new

M o r t II s
Press & Promotions Manager
Earache Records Ltd Savant House
63-65 Camden High Street London, UK NW1 7JL
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)20 7387 5900

Check out Transum's new track, Prey for Something which is only a minute and 50 seconds long

greg ferrari
London Goth/alternative band Womb, have completed the second Womb album "Spiteful Extractions".


midi slave debut album

c/o jaSon

c/o and
American tribal - industrial - gothic - ethereal band - from San Francisco

c/o Gary Appleby updated 05 11 2003
44 [0] 0771 226 9872 M 07855 934 249
says Gary AKA Daddy Dead, "we're Dark Rockers, the
term goth has gone all bleepy, me hate bleepy...!"

Passion Play
c/o Justin
PO Box 1238, Oxford, OX2 8YP, UK
home is where the http is...

Static Movement

c/o Diego & Arianna
(Formerly The Frozen Autumn)


c/o Mike or
Goth from Sweden

c/o Laszlo or
New Romantic - Dark - Dance - Pop group from Hungary

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