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latest announcements, members, gigs etc.


Join the Nemis mailing list

Check out the NEMIS GIG Announcement Board
for more last minute live music listings in Scotland

Contact: Former FT Development Officer
Alec Downie,

Last Known NEMIS postal address
Nemis, 93 Candleriggs, Merchant City, Glasgow G1 1NP
Tel: 0141-552-9224 Fax: 0141-572-0558
0780 375 2913 M 0141 427 5755 H

Scotland Yahoo Group Forum
YG is closed in favour of the mailing list detailed above

Nemis is a good first point of enquiry for most information and you will usually get some kind of answer to your questions. This can be from the former development officer or the forum members. You don't have to be paid up to join the forum or ask questions. Some say its rather centred on Glasgow and the West Coast so you may need to look for more information and 'best advice' outwith those locations. The Nemisgigs board link is circulated to and read by the Scots listings press, its publicly available.

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Live Music Support and FAQ

'My Band Wants to Play in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Please Help!'


More about some of our live music venues for band supporters on the Clubs page

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Related Useful Links

Local Publicity Svcs. for Clubs, Gigs, Events

Nightnews for Media music listings, Also artwork, flyers, posters, web sites & multimedia, advice on distribution. Listings are usually free, see the archives at
Goth club info circulated to several lists including

Nightnews Data Projector Hire, tel: 0131 208 2175, local only, includes all cables, dvd player and technician. Can be connected to other devices.

Hanging Rock Poster Placement (George Duffin) 0131 558 3146 Edinburgh
Capitol Posters (Fly Posters, contact via George above) Edinburgh

Directdistribution - Glasgow - Edinburgh
ICO ICO Creative : Club/music pr

What's on?
Nightnews & Nightnews Media Listings Service
See also the Ripping Records website link below

Printing Flyers Edinburgh
Servicepoint Edinburgh
Copycat Edinburgh

Local Ticket Sales Edinburgh

Studios - Larbert
Lighthouse Granton, Edinburgh

Sound Engineers

none at present

Lighting, Production, Projection
War Productions Ltd
Lights of Utopia - Max 07960 376094
Projector hire - Contact Nightnews
Northern Lights - Leith Edinburgh 0131 553 2383 - Granton, Edinburgh & Glasgow

CME Duplication - 0800 389 8905

Fresh Air FM Edinburgh
Spinner Internet Radio

Internet Broadcast
Fusion Streaming Radio live from Strathclyde University

Online Distribution

Promo goody companies for all..
Roadrunner UK (Premier Intl.)
*White Label Promos on CD* The CD Pool Get promo stuff made new

Other Scots Rock, R'n'B etc
Yahoo! Groups : Frankie_Miller_Fans
Dundee Blues Bonanza 7

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Live Music Support Websites

Live Music Support Websites
BURBs British Underground Rock Bands

The Scottish Arts Council
Partysounds: UK Bands directorry - Free UK Music Ads

HitQuarters - A&R Resource For Songwriters, Artists, Producers
UK Copyright Service - UKCS
Band Register : Internet Vision UK digital marketing services Band directory A & R Agents Assoc of Great Britain

Database of record label web site links at rlabels

Labels Extreme Women
Coprorecords Sony USA
Upstart Productions - Punk, Oi ! & Hardcore Worldwide USA
Intimidationrecords Fife
Human Condition Records - Granton, Edinburgh - London

jetset records USA


Good Causes
Drake Music Project Scotland

Major Players in Agency and Promotions

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Rock Zines
Web Radio and Music Magazine
Vacant: part of jockrock
Zeitgeist - Reflections Of The Underground
Making Music Magazine


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Overseas Events, Ticket Links & Music Stores

Overseas Events

Tattoo the Earth

world wide warn network ticket links (?) Music & Gigs in Scotland Glasgow - official site
jockrock t in the park page

Ministry of Sound

Ticket Agencies

Music Stores

'Pre Owned' Music Stores etc
Hog's Head Music of Edinburgh & Galashiels

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